Your roof can be overlooked for years and repairs or even restoration, in some cases, will not suffice as they are only used to reestablish the health of your roof back to the way it was before the damages were caused (by fire, water, hail, animals, high-winds etc). When the roof’s structure has been compromised, an entire roof replacement is required to prevent massive damages or even roof collapse. Other indicators that your entire roof needs to be stripped off and replaced could be multiple leaks, bald spots, mold, moss growth indicating decay, black streaks running down the roof, detected moisture in the insulation beneath the roof and more.


Roof and roll were very punctual and professional and delivered on all of their promises. Extremely quick, responsive and very efficient. The work was done in one day and the results were very good. No issues whatsoever. Courteous, thorough and highly professional at a rate far below the leading estimates I received from other companies. Also, the clean up after was very good and you could not really tell that they were even there once they left. I would recommend them if you need a residential roof replaced.
Tim R.