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You can’t afford to take chances with your roof, that’s why biannual roof inspections (in the spring and fall) should be regularly performed by trained and certified roofing professionals who can quickly spot the issues and fix them before they become a costly problem. The problematic areas of your roofing system such as lifting or missing shingles, exposed nails, rusty or damaged flashing, chimney cracks, sagging or broken gutters, rotten or damaged fascia board, sagging on the ridges might expose your home to interior damage. If you suspect that your roof doesn’t function properly, let our maintenance experts conduct thorough interior and exterior inspection to identify areas of concern.

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Without regular maintenance, roofing problems such as leaks can go unnoticed for a long period. Being a costly and crucial asset, roof is also the most vulnerable part of a building that deteriorates as the years pass. To make it last as long as possible, we always recommend our clients be proactive when it comes to the overall care of the roofing system and to consider routine maintenance. Even the best roofing materials tend to degrade and need to be professionally serviced minimum once a year for residential roofs. For commercial roofs, the maintenance might be needed more often depending on how the roof space is used. The earlier a problem is detected, the more manageable and affordable is the repair.


Your roof can be overlooked for years and repairs or even restoration, in some cases, will not suffice as they are only used to reestablish the health of your roof back to the way it was before the damages were caused (by fire, water, hail, animals, high-winds etc). When the roof’s structure has been compromised, an entire roof replacement is required to prevent massive damages or even roof collapse. Other indicators that your entire roof needs to be stripped off and replaced could be multiple leaks, bald spots, mold, moss growth indicating decay, black streaks running down the roof, detected moisture in the insulation beneath the roof and more.


Because the roof is constantly exposed to a variety of environmental conditions like sunlight, wind, snow, rain, hail etc, it might need a fix to mitigate further damages and prolong its longevity. If only minor issues are found (like leaks, holes, cracked shingles) in targeted areas only, your roof will need to undergo repair. However, if the damage is more substantial and covers a bigger surface of the roof, restoration would be the best option. In this case, a damaged or old roof will be reinforced with better, more durable and even more advanced materials.


Having a professionally installed roof for new homes and commercial properties is cost-beneficial in the long-term by reducing the need for repairs, replacements, and constant maintenance. That’s why we strongly recommend getting the help of expert roofers who are dedicated to finding the roof system that is right for your budget and needs as well as deliver the projects on time with a strong emphasis on quality.